There are a variety of ways you can confirm if a key is real.

You can check for the corresponding token on the blockchain, e.g.

Many market places also allow you to inspect the details of a token. e.g. OpenSea has a “Details” panel which displays which Contract Address it belongs to.

Our ONLY contract addresses are:

  • Citizen: 0x8f2f3C149bF1cD8d2Deb95564CcaEDD4a36D2AC7
  • Core: 0x28F6312a3769aD4286B27c84221e9B5BeaE9EB46
  • Pioneer: 0xca3A297aA2F6D23A7e344E3C8Eea6397656B8c1D

If you find a token that does not belong to one of those contract addresses, please report it to the market place immediately. You can read about reporting on OpenSea here:

You can also use our online tool to verify the validity of a token, its owner and available benefits which can be found on

Simply enter the Contract Address and Token ID from the key you’re inspecting into the form and submit it, we will analyse the details you provided to see if the key is real or not.

We will also let you know the username of the owner, so you’re able to make sure somebody isn’t trying to sell somebody else’s token, and any active benefits on this token.