Fake collectables have existed since the dawn of time, luckily OpenSea has a report functionality.

Our memberships are minted to the following contracts:

  • Citizen: 0x8f2f3C149bF1cD8d2Deb95564CcaEDD4a36D2AC7
  • Core: 0x28F6312a3769aD4286B27c84221e9B5BeaE9EB46
  • Pioneer: 0xca3A297aA2F6D23A7e344E3C8Eea6397656B8c1D

You should always check that the token you are viewing belongs to those contracts. If you have found a fake one then when viewing the item on OpenSea you can click the three vertical dots at the top right of the OpenSea page, then “Report”

Then pick:

I think this item is… Fake collection or possible scam

Original collection… { Paste the contract address from above for the corresponding key }