You have 2 options when it comes to taking control of your wallet:

  1. Export your private key to import into a wallet application like MetaMask and continue using it.
  2. Transfer your assets into your own wallet.

Both methods require you to start by exporting your private key. You can do this by going into the Members area of the website, e.g. and clicking the “Reveal Private Key” button, then confirming your PIN.

Once your PIN has been accepted, it will provide you with your private key, this is the secret key which you should never reveal to anybody as it will give them complete control over your wallet.

You can then import this private key into another application such as MetaMask, the instructions to do this will be different depending on which wallet application you decide to use.

Transferring assets to your own wallet

We recommend that you create your own wallet, then transfer the asset into that wallet rather than using the generated wallet, this is so only you have the private key and not our providers.

To do this you will need to have MATIC in your current wallet for gas, Gas is basically a “transfer fee” that the blockchain requires everybody to pay to allow the network to continue running.

As each app has a different process to transfer, you’ll need to refer to their documentation.

Once you’ve transferred your assets to your new wallet, you can change the connected wallet on Fnatic ID. You can read how to do this here