On the first image you can see the main interface of the OP software ☝

In the upper left corner, the HOME icon shows you the main page where you can choose one of the connected devices in order to set them up with your OP program.

Just below the Home icon you can see the MOUSE icon and when you click on it you will open the menu for your Fnatic mouse and set up the desired profile (currently up to 3 profiles are selectable) and then choose your performance such as Lift off distance, Polling rate or Windows settings or to assign lightning mode or effect and key bindings. Please note that currently it’s not possible to assign a mouse key to a keyboard button.

The last one is the KEYBOARD icon, when clicked on the icon, you will see the menu for the profiles (up to four profiles are available for our current models).

In this menu you will be able to set the Lighting either by Lighting Effects, or with the Color Editor. Note that our certain models don't have the color editor due to the difference in hardware.

There are the Key binding option and Competition Mode as well.

In the lower right corner you can see the cog wheel which is a Settings button where you can change the language for the OP (English, Chinese and Taiwanese).

There is an option to choose if you want the OP to be up and running once you start up the PC and you have the option to turn it on and off as well.

As for the version of the program, it is located in the upper right corner and starts with V.0 followed by a series of numbers.  This is relevant if an issue with the OP and/or the device occurs, so when you contact our Customer Support make sure to have this OP version number.

Lastly, from the OP you can also be redirected to our Help Pages by clicking on Submit feedback and get help which is located right of the cog wheel and FNATIC logo. There you can find out how to reach our Customer Support with any question or issue you might have, and our agents would be more than happy to assist you.

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