Here's how you can rebind the keys through the OP program.

When you are at the Main page, choose your Keyboard and click on Customize.

Then choose a Profile from an upper left corner and then click on Key Bindings.

We are going to use key P as an example. Click on the key, then go to the upper right corner and choose key P.

Go to Action click on Default, a drop-down menu will open where  you can choose Re-map key option.

You will then see a green square below, click on it, and then choose another key (we will choose V in this case).

Click on Save Changes and now key P will input the letter V each time you press it.

If you want to revert to the factory setting, just go to the Action drop-down menu again and set to Default then Save Changes.

Take into account that the key bindings cannot be transferred over to the other three available Profiles, so you would need to set them up again for each individual Profile.