Please be notified that the customer is responsible for providing the sender with a correct and complete address. If a package is lost due to an incorrect address, the sender (Fnatic) won't be responsible for that loss.

Any undelivered parcel will be eventually returned to us. To be eligible for a resend at least 2 weeks need to pass from the moment of shipping.

In order to receive a full refund, 3 weeks need to pass from the moment of shipping if the package is lost or undelivered (EU countries), and 4 weeks for countries outside the European Union.

If you want to claim your package (shop order, giveaway, etc.) as lost, please do so in 21 days since the shipping date. If the customer doesn't contact Fnatic Shop in this time frame, their request will be disregarded.

** Please allow +1 week to regular time frames for lost parcels, due to the current Coronavirus situation (lockdown, delivery delays, etc.). I.e. EU orders are considered as lost if 3 weeks pass since the dispatch date without being delivered; US and Global shop orders need up to 4 weeks to be delivered (Africa, Asia, Australia, North America).