Starting January 2024, Venly will no longer be able to assist in the PIN recovery process. For this reason we have created this guide to allow our members to make sure they can export their private key and keep it safe as well as import it into another wallet app (we have used MetaMask in the guide below for illustrative purposes only, but you can decide which polygon supported wallet app works best for you) if you would like to be able to connect the wallet and see and interact with your membership key on a platform outside of

What is a Private Key

Your private key is the password to your crypto wallet, and can be used to control your account via a wallet app, it is unique to only that account. Your wallet can be used to interact with additional platforms and it’s important to keep your private key secure to avoid losing access to any assets that are tied to it.

Please note this guide is intended for members that purchased a key on a Venly wallet only and does not apply if you used a wallet such as MetaMask to complete your transaction

Steps to export your Private Key

  1. Visit your account area on
  2. In the “Your Wallet” section you will see an option to “Reveal Private Key”
  3. When prompted please enter the PIN you used during the wallet creation process when acquiring your membership key
  4. If you have forgotten your PIN, please email We will work with Venly to assist you in recovering your PIN, However please note this exporting process will no longer be possible after January 1st 2024 and we urge you to complete the steps as soon as possible
  5. After your PIN has been accepted your private key will be displayed for you to copy and keep in case it is required at a subsequent date. Alternatively if you would like to import it straight away, please follow the steps below

Importing your Private Key

  1. Set up an account with a wallet provider. For this guide we will use MetaMask for illustrative purposes MetaMask

  2. Once you have installed the MetaMask extension on your browser visit the add account area on the extension

  3. Click the Import Account option and you will be prompted to enter your private key

  4. Once you have completed the Import process - you will see your wallet address reflected in MetaMask under your accounts section

  5. Congratulations - you have successfully transferred over to a non-custodial wallet and can use this account to manage your Fnatic Membership Key in the future if needed.

Please note - this does not alter any of your membership benefits on Fnatic and no further changes are required from your side to continue enjoying our membership benefits