When you open the OP program, click on the Key Bindings and then choose a Key Cap, we will use Q button as an example.

When you click on Q in the upper right corner of the screen, choose Key Q instead of FN+Q.

Then go to Action, then Default and click on Macro.

Below you will see the option Choose Macro, when you click on it a drop-down menu will open with the following features:

New Macro allows you to create a New Macro and if you choose it a new window is opened.

Under Macro Name you can click on it and give it a title, then you can click Add Key and input the keys that you need and press Save Changes. Once the macro is saved, it should be applied each time you press Q button.

If you want to change the settings below every title of Macro that you choose you will have the Edit option and then again the drop-down menu will open and make it possible for you to edit the profile. Make sure to always go to the Save Changes in the end.

Please note that Macro isn't transferable to each of the four available profiles, so you would need to create new Macros for each profile. Macros are stored directly in the keyboard’s internal memory, and it can even be used without the OP software.