Please find the quick guide for the STREAK65 keyboard here. 


Competition mode is turned on by pressing FN+C keys.

During tournaments, you need a non-interfering experience. Competition mode lets you play games without any distractions. 


When pressed FN+Enter, keys from 1 to 9 and * get locked out. By clicking again on FN + Enter, they become usable again.


To adjust the brightness on your keyboard, press FN + < and > keys, when you click and hold FN and then press < or >, they lower or raise the brightness on the keyboard. There are five brightness levels: 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%.


Press FN and then after just letting it go, press M button, ESC and M keys will start blinking. This means that you can then click FN and left or right arrow keys to change the lightning effects on the keyboard. Also, for certain lighting profiles, you can use the Up and Down arrows to lower or raise the light. To turn these lightning modes off, simply click on FN and M, and it will revert to normal.


To connect your keyboard to your computer, connect the USB cable plug into the USB port on the front of your keyboard, and the other part of the cable to your USB port on your computer.