Please find the enclosed quick guide for the miniSTREAK keyboard here.

Competition mode

Competition mode is turned on by pressing Fnatic key, top right middle button on the keyboard.

By default, Competition Mode disables the Windows Key, Lighting Configuration Mode and Macro Recording Mode. Competition Mode also changes lighting to a static orange color, reduces the brightness of the keyboard to 25% and relieves the F-keys of any original shortcuts or hotkey actions, such as profile switching. With the Fnatic OP software, Competition Mode can be configured to your exact personal preference.

On- board Macro Programming Mode

- To Start, hold the Competition Mode key for 5 seconds. 

- The Competition Mode key will blink red for recording. 

- When finished, press the Competition Mode key again. 

- It will blink yellow to indicate that it’s ready to assign a key. 

- After assigning a key, press the Competition Mode key once more. 

- It will blink green to indicate completion 

FN lock

FN-Lock, when pressed, holds FN until deactivated. Activity is indicated by a backlit LED. 

FN+F6 Brightness configuration

To adjust the Brightness, press FN + F6. 

There are five brightness levels: 0%, 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%.

FN+F5 Lightning configuration

Lighting Configuration Mode activates by pressing FN + F5.

Switch through various Lighting Modes, by pressing Left/Right arrows