To select the correct clothing size, we recommend taking the following measurements using a garment meter (tape measure).

  1. Lay the existing shirt flat on a surface.
  2. Take the necessary measurements.

Body length

Place the shirt on a flat surface. Spread the garment from the top seam to the bottom edge of the shirt, and measure the length of the jersey.

Chest Width

For the chest width measurement, measure the distance between the two underarm seams.

Sleeve Length

Measure the length of the sleeve from the shoulder seam to the end of the cuff.

Waist Measurement

Lay the meter on top of the joggers, and measure the waist like on the photo below:

Hip Width

To measure the hip width, lay the meter and measure from the left seam to the right.

Inseam measurement

The inseam measurement determines the length of the joggers. Measure from the inner thigh all the way to the end of the bottom seam.

Front Rise


Lay the measuring tape and take measurements like on the photo below: