Competitive gamers often seek to minimize the latency between their mouse clicks and in-game actions. To achieve this, it may be necessary to adjust the click debounce setting to a lower value. This guide will walk you through the steps to modify this setting within the software.

NOTE: Lower debounce settings may result in the occurrence of double clicks or slam clicking. To avoid this possibility, a debounce of 4ms or higher is recommended.


In the LAMZU software, select the checkbox in the ‘Key Response Time’ section.


Select the desired debounce time from the list provided.

0ms = Lowest latency, near-instantaneous response

20ms = Highest latency, noticeable response delay


After selecting your preferred latency setting, you will see a pop warning about double click. Select OK(Enter) to accept.


Your new debounce setting is now active and won’t change until you decide to change it again. If you encounter issues with double-clicking in-game, try increasing the value until resolved. If you need a more responsive click feeling, try decreasing the setting until it feels good to you.

Recommended Debounce Setting



Highly competitive environment. Click latency is crucial and will affect gameplay

2ms - 4ms

Casual gaming. Click latency is important but not critical.

4ms - 8ms

Relaxed gaming. Click latency is not important and will not affect gameplay.


Avoid if performance is remotely important.