What is STREAK80 LP?
Fnatic’s premium 80% TKL keyboard with a dedicated F-row, volume wheel, PBT keycaps, low latency performance, and more
What are the top and bottom case made from?
The top case is solid aluminum, the bottom case is ABS plastic
What layout does the STREAK80 LP use?
80% layout also known as a TenKeyless (TKL)
Does the STREAK80 LP have a volume wheel?
Yes. In addition to raising and lowering the volume, the knob can be pressed in to mute all audio.
What type of foam is used in the STREAK80 LP?
80LP uses a layer of genuine PORON foam to help dampen unwanted audio feedback such as case ping.
What connectivity options are available for the STREAK80 LP?
STREAK80 LP is a wired keyboard and is powered by a USB-C cable. The STREAK80 LP is not a wireless keyboard.
Does the STREAK80 come with a coiled cable?
Yes. The cable is 1.8m in length.
Are the STREAK80 LP feet adjustable?
What switches are used in the STREAK80 LP?
Exclusive FNATIC linear SPEED switches
How are the stabilizers mounted?
STREAK80 LP’s stabilizers are PCB mounted.
What material and profile are the keycaps on the STREAK80 LP?
The STREAK80 LP uses low profile keycaps that are doubleshot PBT.
Does the STREAK80 LP have dedicated arrow keys and an F-row?
What are the keycaps width measurements?
Spacebar is 6.25u, alpha keycaps are 1u and R-SHIFT is 2.75u
What comes in the box?
Keyboard, USB-C power cable
Can I swap out the switches on the STREAK80 LP?
No. The switches are soldered to the PCB.
Does the keyboard have RGB?
Yes. 16.8 million color backlighting.
What is the orientation of the switch LEDs?
Are the switches factory-lubed?
Are the stabilizers factory-lubed?
Which language layouts are available for STREAK80 LP?

Which keycap profiles are compatible with STREAK80 LP?
We recommend only using low-profile keycaps for the best performance and functionality.
Does STREAK80 LP support competition mode?
Does the STREAK80 LP support macros?
STREAK80 LP will support macros at a later date via FNATIC OP.
Does the STREAK80LP support QMK/VIA?
No, but you can customize key binds, macros, and lighting effects through the FNATIC OP software.
Why is my Windows key not working?
The Windows key is disabled in Competition Mode. Please check that you are not in Competition Mode.
Does STREAK80 LP have USB-passthrough?

Is STREAK80 LP compatible with PS4/PS5 and Xbox Series S & X?
What is the actuation force of the switch?

What are the specifications of the keyboard?
Full specs HERE
How do the switches feel and sound?
Our switches are linear and have a smooth travel and quiet operation. The switches have a 1.0mm actuation and a total travel distance of 3.2mm.