Our membership programme has been developed as a way of providing long-term value for Fnatic fans and our community. 

We’re releasing it in the form of digital keys in a one-off purchase, where holders are able to access benefits across all the worlds we live in, both digital and physical. These perks span from exclusive chances to meet Fnatic pro-players and creators to receiving our pro-jersey every year. The perks will keep coming for as long as you hold your keys. 

Unlike a traditional membership subscription plan with a recurring monthly or annual fee, our membership programme is a one-off payment that delivers rewards for the long-term with full ownership over your key.

We offer 3 tiers of Fnatic Membership, each costs different amounts. Free tier Citizen is now available. Each tier give different perks and benefits over time. The data is stored on the blockchain for transparency and future interoperability options. For more info, please click here https://fnatic.com/membership/compare.