If you are experiencing background noise, check the recording settings in your sound control panel.

1. Go to the option Sound in Windows

2. Locate 'Sound Control Panel' in top right
3. Go to 'Recording' tab
4. Disable all unnecessary devices
5. Set the REACT microphone (may be known as Realtek etc, depending on your driver) as default

Try to deactivate the option Spatial Sound on your PC:

Check if your mic boost is properly set up, try to change it as well:


Make sure that your headset is correctly plugged into your PC, and check if the option Listen to this device is checked:

You can find it in the Sound Control Panel settings. Double-click on the Microphone and check if this option is enabled.

Here are a couple of solutions which you can try out as well:

Check the Stereo mix

1. Right-click on the speaker icon in the taskbar.

2. Select the Sounds option.

3. If the Sounds option is not visible, click on Open sound settings.

4. Scroll down to Related Settings and then click on Sound Control Panel.

5. In the Sound window, open the Recording tab.

6. Right-click on the Stereo Mix device and select Disable.

7. Close the Sound Control Panel.

8. Launch Discord and click on the User Settings icon (Grear icon).

9. Select the Voice and Video setting option from the left pane.

10. Click the drop-down menu under the Output Device section and select your headphone as the Output Device.

11. Select your microphone as the Input Device.

12. Save the change and relaunch Discord. Check if Discord picking up the game audio issue is resolved.  

Change the microphone settings

Right-click on the Volume icon in the taskbar.

1. Select Sounds.

2. If the Sounds option is not available, then go to Open Sound Settings > Related Settings  > Open Sound Control Panel.

3. In the Sound window, open the Recording tab.

4. Right- Click on your microphone device and select Properties.

1. In the Microphone Properties window, open the Listen tab.

2. Uncheck the Listen to this device box.

3. Open the Advanced tab.

1. Make sure the following options are checked:

Allow applications to take exclusive control of this device
Give exclusive mode applications priority

2. Click Apply and OK to save the changes.

Once the microphone settings are changed, open Discord and check if the Discord audio issue is resolved.

Disable sound drivers
1. Open Sound Control Panel. Right-click on thespeaker icon > Sound.
  • Or Open Sound Settings > Open Sound Control Panel.

2. In the Sound window, open the Playback tab.

3. Right-click on Realtek speaker and select Disable.

4. Next, right-click on NVIDIA High Definition and select Disable.

5. Click Apply and OK to save the changes.

6. Close the Sound Control Panel and check for any improvements.