If you experience issues with the BOLT's Bluetooth mode on your MAC, as a first step we would suggest that you check for the Software Update, Power Cycle and Unpair/Re-pair the device options.

- First step is to check if macOS is up-to-date ( > About This Mac > Software Update…)

- Make sure your Bluetooth device is charged properly.

- Turn off your Bluetooth device and back on again, you can do the same with Bluetooth on your Mac (click the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar – top right of your Mac’s screen)

You can also unpair a Bluetooth device and re-pair to see if there’s an improvement (Bluetooth in the menu bar > Bluetooth preferences > hover over a device > click the “x” icon > choose “Remove”)

Reboot your Mac.

If you’re using macOS Big Sur or later:

Click the Control Center icon in the menu bar > then click the Bluetooth icon to toggle it off and on

If you’re using macOS Catalina or earlier:

Go to System Preferences > Bluetooth and click Turn Bluetooth Off.

Bluetooth's connection problems often arise after upgrading macOS or replacing the battery in your devices. This is because these actions can cause new software issues to emerge. The easiest way to fix them is to disconnect your devices from your Mac and then pair them again.

The best way to disconnect a Bluetooth device is to tell your Mac to forget it.

Follow these steps:

- Go to System Preferences > Bluetooth

- Click to select one of your Bluetooth devices

- Click the X icon on the right, then confirm you want to Remove the device

- Repeat these steps for each Bluetooth device on your Mac

- After telling your Mac to forget a Bluetooth device, simply connect the Bluetooth device again just like when you first used it.

If these don't help with the respective issue and that it is still ongoing, the next step would be Reset your Mac’s Bluetooth module, keep in mind this will disconnect all of your Bluetooth accessories including your mouse/keyboard. See that you have a wired keyboard/mouse with you when you do this.

For macOS Monterey

The option + shift + click on the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar doesn’t show a Bluetooth reset option in Monterey, so you’ll need to run a Terminal command.

- Open Terminal

- Type in the command “sudo pkill bluetoothd”

- Press return, then enter your password in asked

- Reset your Mac