Please find the BOLT Quick Start Guide Video Tutorial along with the written instructions below:

How to adjust DPI?

- Hold down DPI button for 10 seconds. 

- The scroll wheel will continuously flash to confirm you are in edit mode. 

- Use side buttons to adjust +/- 100dpi. Range = 100dpi - 19,000dpi. 

- Press the profile button again to save and exit. Corresponding profile light(s) blink green 3 times to indicate mode complete and changes saved.

How to adjust the lightning?

Press and hold the side and scroll wheel buttons for 5 seconds. The scroll wheel will blink orange continuously to indicate mode active. 

Use a scroll wheel to adjust brightness. Scroll up for increasing brightness. Scroll down for decreasing brightness.

100% = all 100%

75% = all 75%

50% = all 50%

25% = all 25%

0% = Profile lights and Logo @ 25% and Scroll Wheel light off.

Press scroll wheel to save and exit. The scroll wheel blinks three times to indicate mode complete and changes saved.

How to pair the mouse via Bluetooth?

1. Set mouse switch mode to Bluetooth, which is located on the back of the mouse.

2. Press and hold the two side buttons and the DPI button simultaneously for three seconds to activate pairing mode.

3. The LED indicator will blink blue twice per second, in repeated intervals, to show that the device is in pairing mode.

4. Activate Bluetooth on your device and search for new Bluetooth devices.
5. Default polling rate in Bluetooth mode is 125Hz.

How to change Lift Off Distance?

- Press and hold M1 and M2 and the DPI buttons for 10 seconds.

- The scroll wheel LED will blink once to twice according to the current LOD. One blink =1 mm, two blinks = 2 mm.

- Select your preferred LOD by clicking in the M4 (front) button. 

- Confirm your selection by pressing down the scroll wheel.

How to reset the BOLT mouse?

To initiate a factory reset, hold a combination of buttons:

- M1 + M2 + Forward Side Button + Back Side Button + DPI button

- Plug in the mouse to a PC.

- Press and continue to hold for 5+ seconds.

= Mouse LED will flash three times white with a period of 2 seconds to indicate success.

Restoring factory default for specific individual profiles or settings can only be done via SW.

By resetting the mouse, the mouse will return to all default settings.