Check if the dongle is plugged in and the mouse switch is set to 2.4G and the RGB is active on the mouse.

Please verify if the mouse works as intended when the cable is connected.

If both above is yes, and wireless is not working, you may need to try to re-pair the devices:

1. Plug the dongle into the PC, set mouse switch to 2.4G (do not plug in the cable). Please try to keep the mouse and dongle within 30 cm of each other.

2. Set mouse switch mode to 2.4G

3. press: Scroll Wheel Button + M1 + M2 + Back Side Button and HOLD for 5+ seconds

4. The LED indicator will blink orange twice per second, in repeated intervals, to show that the device is in pairing mode. Lasts 30 seconds then stops.

5. Mouse will flash green 3 times to indicate success.

It may help as it flashes white/yellow to move the mouse right next to the dongle during this time to help them pair.