Weight: White 69 g, Black 67g

Length: 120.89 mm

Grip width: 55.44 mm

Height: 38.53 mm

ShapeMedium-size, claw/relaxed claw
Sensor: Flawless Pixart PAW 3370 sensor 
Skates: 100% PTFE mouse feet with no additives 

Onboard Memory: 4 Profiles, 4 DPI Stages

Lighting: RGB 16.8m Colors

Polling Rate: 1000 Hz

Cable: USB-C to USB-A

Switch: Kailh GM 8.0

Battery Type: Lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery

Battery Life: 110 hours (2.4) | 210 hours (BT)
DPI: up to 19k

Tracking Speed: up to 400 IPS

Lift Of Distance: 1mm or 2mm

Acceleration: up to 50g