Size: 316 x 109 x 20-28 mm

Weight: 420g

Format: 65%

Cable: USB-C, Detachable

Switch: FNATIC SPEED (low-profile), Ultra fast, Linear, soldered

Noise: Clicky silenced

Keycaps type: PBT

Connectivity: Wired

Switch Actuation: 1.0 mm

Switch Total Travel:    3.2 mm

Lifespan: 70 million

Polling Rate: 1000Hz

Colour: White

MCU & Memory: NXP / 8 MB

Lighting: RGB 16.8 m Colours

Additional Features: Custom Low-Profile Keycap, FN Layer Functionality, Detachable Cable

Material: Solid aluminium, PBT 

Multiplatform compatibility: Laptop, PC, PS4/5, XBOX and MAC

Warranty: 2 years

Date of launch: November 9, 2021

What's in the box: 

●    USB-C Coiled Cable 

●    STREAK65 LP Keyboard

●    STREAK65 LP Quick Guide