PlayStation’s console officially supports the use of USB keyboards, and the basic functionality of all the keyboards are supported. Some media and windows functions may not work, as our software does not directly support Sony’s platform. For some games and apps the permission from the app/game creator is needed in order to work.


When plugging the keyboard into your PS4, immediately hold down the three hotkeys in the top-right of your keyboard (mic-mute, Fnatic, volume-mute) together, to access the PS4-compatible ‘BIOS’ mode.

If this does not help, here are a couple of possible solutions.

First, make sure you have enabled USB Communication in the System Settings menu. Go to Settings > Devices > Controllers > Communication Method and select Use USB Cable.


Next, disconnect the USB cable from the KeyMander from the controller and wait a few seconds. Reconnect the USB cable. If the cable is a USB charge and sync cable, the PS4 controller should turn on and display a yellow light. If it is a charge only cable, it will show a blue light, which means it is still in wireless mode and does not recognize the cable. In this case, use the included 3-ended cable for testing. 

What helped other users is to unplug your mouse IN GAME and then re-plug it into the USB. Also - make sure your controller is disconnected from your PS4, otherwise, it will recognize it as a functional device and default to that instead. You can also try switching it to a different port and restarting what game you're playing.

You may need to hard reset the console, it can sometimes fix this issue. Press and hold the power button on the front of the console for 15 seconds. Once off, unplug the power cable to the console for 60 seconds. Reconnect the power cable and power on the console. Attach all peripherals to XIM4, then connect XIM4 to the console.

If this does not fix the problem, please contact us on along with the video recording of the problem, your order ID and serial number for the keyboard.