The REACT Gaming headset has wide open stereo sound, making it possible to hear your opponent's every movement. The Protein leather ear pads lower the sound leakage and are filled with super soft memory foam. The REACT is compatible with most audio 3.55 mm jack devices.

The REACT+ Gaming headset comes with an advanced USB 7.1 sound card which is compatible only with Windows, while the headset without the sound card attached works with most audio 3.55 mm jack devices. This headset comes with both Protein Leather and Velour Ear pads as well. Protein leather pads will provide you with better sound isolation, while the Velour pads will be more comfy and chill in high temperatures weather conditions.

If you want to upgrade your regular REACT headset, you can purchase velour pads and the sound card on our shop:

Sound card:

Velour Ear pads: