If you are experiencing the double-clicking issue, one of the reasons could be that your mouse double-click speed is set too low.

In order to set up the correct speed, type mouse settings in the search box and click on Additional mouse options.

Try to increase the speed of double-click to resolve the issue.

If the problem remains, we recommend you to uninstall the current OP software and install the new version from our website, https://fnatic.com/gear/en/op/.

Then disconnect the mouse, restart the PC and reconnect it.

You can also try to perform a mouse reset. In order to do that, please locate the reset hole on the underside of the mouse. Please use a pin and hold in the hole for 10+ seconds. Observe the mouse RGB flashing, and wait for the reset to complete.

If you are still experiencing issues with double-clicking, please send us the video of the issue which you can record using this website, as well as your order ID and the serial number of the mouse, located on the cable of the mouse at shop@fnatic.com.