If you are experiencing issues with the microphone such as distorted microphone sound or echoing microphone we can suggest a couple of solutions.

Please make sure your microphone is securely plugged into the headset. The port can accept the microphone boom in two directions, however we recommend the arm is pointing up.

Make sure that your mute button is not turned on, as this is one of the most frequent issues.


If you think that the problem is coming from the other parts of the headset, such as the extension cable, you can test out the headset without the extension (the cable from the photo below)


Also check the recording settings in your sound control panel.

1. Go to the option Sound in Windows

2. Locate 'Sound Control Panel' in top right
3. Go to 'Recording' tab
4. Disable all unnecessary devices
5. Set the REACT microphone (may be known as Realtek etc, depending on your driver) as default

Please also try to deactivate the option Spatial Sound on your PC:

And please check if your mic boost is properly set up, try to change it as well:


You can test out the headset on another device such as mobile phone, Xbox/PS4 or another PC and also try plugging the headset into a different PC port or directly into the motherboard.

You can also try to test the mic separately, by plugging it into the PC port directly or to your smartphone.

If the issue persist, please contact us via shop@fnatic.com, and please send us the video/recording of the issue.