PlayStation’s console officially supports the use of USB keyboards, and the basic functionality of all the keyboards are supported. Some media and windows functions may not work, as our software does not directly support Sony’s platform. 

STREAK/miniSTREAK- When plugging the keyboard into your PS4, immediately hold down the three hotkeys in the top-right of your keyboard (mic-mute, Fnatic, volume-mute) together, to access the PS4/PS5-compatible ‘BIOS’ mode.

STREAK65/STREAK65 LP - When plugging the keyboard into your PS4/PS5, immediately hold down B + I + O + S + M to access the PS4-compatible ‘BIOS’ mode. 

Your keyboard’s basic features will now be ready to use. There will be no keyboard LED back-lighting.

The RUSH keyboard is ready for ‘play&play’ use with the PS4.

For other set-up queries, please refer to PlayStation’s official support guide: