We would like to be transparent with all of our customers, and to give up a heads-up about possible delays due to the upcoming Black Friday deliveries.

As you know, every year within this period, there are possible longer time frames for the deliveries due to the warehouses that we use for the dispatch being overworked and that the carriers that are used may take longer times to deliver and process them through your countries customs and then to the local carriers which make the delivery to your address.

There is a page with the estimated time frames that contains a list of countries that you can check out and find out yours, where we mention the estimate time frames and possible delays due to the COVID-19 and customs processing that we aren’t able to influence, here is the link:


Take into notion if you order pre-order items (example custom-made apparel), our warehouse needs up to 10 working days to create them and then dispatch them, kindly refer to the estimated time frame of deliveries on the above help pages provided link, and note that possible delays may happen due to the COVID-19, customs processing or your country or possible delays and that these estimated time frames may differentiate only during this time frame while the Black Friday lasts.

If the item is a pre-order gear, on the product's page it will also mention the time frames for the dispatches and possible delays.

We have to inform you that if you have placed a pre-order/custom-made item/ or a regular order at any moment before the Black Friday promotion started, we aren’t able to offer a price match during Black Friday week. We thank you for the understanding.

In regard to the initial estimated time frame and estimates of possible delays, kindly note that they can extend up to 2 to 3 weeks depending on your location. Our customer staff will gladly check out your inquires through our email shop@fnatic.com support and help you with them.