Please remove the key cap carefully and check if there is some dirt or anything stuck beneath it and check if the switch could be broken. You can also test out the key with some other key cap and if the issue is resolved, we can send you the new key cap. 

Reset of the keyboard is also recommended in this case if the issue is still not resolved. 

Please perform a keyboard reset. With the keyboard plugged in: 

1. Please locate the reset hole on the underside of the keyboard (below the keyboard feet) 

2. Please use a pin and hold in the hole for 10+ seconds. 

3. Observe the keyboard RGB flashing, and wait for the reset to complete. 

We also suggest removing the OP from your system and downloading it again from here:


It's not uncommon for a program or operating system to cause problems with a keyboard that can prevent some keys from working. 


If rebooting didn't help, and you're using Windows, try starting it in Safe Mode to make sure no background programs are running. 


Should your keyboard work fine in Safe Mode, it's likely that one of the programs or device drivers you have installed is causing the problem. Also check if you are using Windows if it's up-to-date and if needed update all and then restart the computer. Do try and check the keyboard on other PC devices or USB ports to see if the same issue is replicated.

Once you have done it, restart your PC and if the problem persists, contact us at