1. Which layouts and switches can I buy with STREAK65?

STREAK65 is currently available with Silent Speed Linear Switches.

Available language layouts are UK and US layout.

EU layouts kit: IT, DE, FR, NRDC, ES will be available as a generic EU layout with a set of additional modifier keys the user must attach themselves.

2. Are STREAK65 switches louder or more silent than the Red switches?

STREAK65 switches are more silent than Red switches, but they are slightly louder than Silent Red switches.

3. Are O-rings safe to install on Streak65?

Smaller o-rings may be compatible, however we do not recommend it as it is a lower profile switch.

The switch already has a quieter sound and reduced total travel.

4How many Keystroke lifespan does the Streak65 have?

Fnatic STREAK65 key life is 50,000,000 (50M) cycles.

5. Does the Streak65 have the mic mute functionality like the Streak and mini Streak?

The STREAK65 keyboard does not have the mic mute functionality.