Since the outbreak of the Corona crisis, flights into the United States are cancelled, but our delivery service is still functional. Alternative options and routes are in place and deliveries of mail and parcels are delayed.

Currently, we do experience particularly delays to the US West-coast and US South-east. This is caused because we are only able to use indirect flight options to San Francisco and Miami Airport. Besides this, the following situation can also impact the quality and transit times of the delivery:

  • Shortage of staff: The United States Postal Services (USPS) deals with a major backlog in their offices of exchange. In some cases this results into delays of 6 weeks or more. Besides the Corona measurement of operating in a safe environment, this is caused by many employees reporting sick.
  • Missing tracking events: a side effect is that to swiftly work away the backlog, bag labels are not always scanned at arrival in the US. So although track and trace says something else, there is a big chance the shipment already reached the US.

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Due to the impact of peak volumes and limited availability or capacity of our United States Postal Service entry points (at US airports), we are experiencing heavy delays on our shipments. Transit data shows that USPS is experiencing major backlogs in these entry points, resulting for some volumes to experience delays of 6 weeks or more.

We are aware of the issues USPS is facing and where. We are working closely with USPS every day to get our shipments to the right entry points with the best capacity. While we are working hard to resolve this as quickly as possible, we are dependent on our partners. 

Unfortunately, these delays affect both mail and parcel volumes. In addition to that we have noticed missing scans in the US, resulting in items frequently missing updates until they are sorted in the domestic centers of USPS.

Expected delay:

9 - 27 days